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The Buying Agent – 1.5%

Our experience and expertise enable buyers to move with confidence. 

As a buying agent we work on your behalf to find on and off market property, negotiate the best purchase price, then manage the sales progression through to completion. 


  • Non-refundable retainer fee of £2,000 which is deductible from the final buying fee
  • 1.5% of achieved price payable on exchange
  • Or fixed, upfront fee, of £12,000

Time is money. Paying someone to find your perfect home, investment or get your offspring on the rungs of the property ladder might initially seem counterproductive. But knowing you’ve invested well, paid the best price, and not wasted valuable time searching, negotiating and progressing a sale, outweighs any initial cost.

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    Buying Agent

    Emma Fildes

    Location: London