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The Stamp Duty Holiday villain or saviour?

The Stamp Duty Holiday, Villain or Saviour?

The stamp duty holiday extension debate will resume in Parliament on the 1st of Feb but has it been all good?

Regardless of whether it ends on March the 31st or at a later date there will always be some kind of fall out. The logical thing to do is to stagger it or agree for those exchanged before to benefit from the deal.

For all those who have missed out don’t be disappointed, you can probably renegotiate the additional stamp of the purchase price.

Remember, if you wanted to move before Brexit or because lockdown has changed your priorities, you probably will feel the same post restrictions being lifted. Don’t be put off by the Stamp Duty Holiday ending. If you see something you like, buy it. You don’t want to be kicking yourself for months to come for missing out on your ideal property because you were waiting for a fictional crash. If anything the market will slow, meaning less property will be listed, meaning you won’t be moving for awhile!

So is the Stamp Duty Holiday, Villain or Saviour? Well it depends on what you’re selling and what you buy next.