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For those looking to sell, now couldn’t be a better time. Prices out of town or homes with gardens have sky rocketed due to the demand brought about by the pandemic, need for change. For those looking to also capitalise on the stamp duty holiday, time will be of the essence but please don’t get your hopes up. Conveyancers are already struggling to keep up. That said, there are 5 easy things you can do that will help speed up any house sale.


Full disclosure with Estate Agent and any enquires. Trying to hide something is a waste of yours and your buyers time and money. Anything untoward will undoubtedly be unearthed at some stage potentially causing the downfall of your sale and any chain involved.


Have a solicitor signed up and ready to go. Knowing one and having one is very different, they will need proof of identity, address and National Insurance Number. Also, check they are living in the modern age. Some solicitors still insist on snail mail meaning nothing happens at lightning speed.


Many sellers complain that their solicitor is taking too long with a house purchase. To avoid this, make sure your solicitor has any Deeds, planning permissions obtained, proof of work carried out with guarantees or original paperwork you may have concerning your property, from the start.

In addition, if selling within a block of flats, request a management pack from your managing agent as soon as you agree a sale. You will have to pay a fee for this and it can take around two weeks, sometimes longer to receive.


When you exchange you will need to agree a completion date. Make sure your onward sale is aligned or you are actually prepared to go into rented or alternative accommodation. Also, have removers or storage facilities to hand, not in the directory.

Power Up

Authorise your solicitor to sign on your behalf to avoid further delays signing contracts.

If you are selling you are likely to also be buying. Please click here for a guide to help speed up the buying process.