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For many looking to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, desperate for change post lockdown, moving home has become an obsession. The issue is you aren’t alone. Bidding wars are rife out of City centres and many are finding prices have gone up since last they looked. For those looking to buy a home and under time restraints either to make the deadline, given the pressure conveyancers are under at the moment, unlikely, or to service a chain, here are 5 easy steps to speed up the buying process.


Have your solicitor, mortgage agreement, proof of funds, guarantor information to hand. For sellers deciding between multiple offers, this could be what tips things in your favour. Knowing them and having them are very different. Also, check they are living in the modern age. Some solicitors still insist on snail mail meaning nothing happens at lightning speed.


In a busy market you may get caught up in a bidding frenzy. Make sure you research the area and street. Don’t be shy. Ask as many questions you like. Find out about the neighbours, planning, or works done. Better to be sure, then change your mind further down the line.


If you’re having a full survey, get it booked straight away as this will quickly tell you if there are any costly issues, such as damp, subsidence, structural or remedial work needed.

Finances in Order

Transfer money to your solicitor for exchange ahead of time, not on the day or the day before as this ALWAYS causes delays.

Power Up

Authorise your solicitor to sign on your behalf to avoid further delays signing contracts.


If you are buying you may also be selling. Please click here for a guide to help speed up the selling process.